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Hrvatski - Sightings


Year Released: 2005
Format: 7"
Label: ache records
Reviewed by Alan Read on Jun 13, 2007
This div / orce split 7Ē series has been really cool so far, itís a series of nine split 7Ēís between an electronica artist and a band (usually noise), this is part 3. Itís a good idea and it does show how similar these two types of music are (and all leftfield music in theory). The Four Tet / Hella split was incredible, go buy it.

Anyhow this starts off with general Hrvatski cut up beat amazingness, but then the stupidity comes in with a bouncy casio, reggae demo tune but its cut up and processed to make it sound really good/fun. This then slowly morphs into some processed drone and crackles, then he drops the beatÖ...whoop disco party. This sounds a little like Venetian Snares but itís good and original and doesnít just rip off the whole breakcore thing like so many others have been doing recently.

The Sightings have a really dense distorted sound where everything mixes together to create a nice wall of fuzz, they remind me a bit of Hella for some reason but with the finished mix going through a couple of dirty, dirty distortion pedals and with vocals and a bass riff/drone on top.

This is a good split; if you like the others in the div series then you will like this also.

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