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Magnetic City

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Pop Fiction
Reviewed by Gareth L on Jun 13, 2007
Decent rock music. A bit of a stoner vibe here, a bit of garage there but basically just straightforward rock from Norway. The accompanying release information sheet is of course filled with the usual claptrap and stuff people are supposed to get excited about, like they've been on played by Zane Lowe and the fact this CD was produced by Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes. Plus it compares them to At The Drive-In, which is way off the mark, so I'll ignore that. The album starts off pretty well, the first couple of tracks driving forward in a Queens of the Stone Age-type way (vocally and musically this band are quite similar in parts) and these type of songs are better than the slower numbers that have me reaching for the skip button. Yeah, I really like it when the guitars get a bit fuzzy and crazy like in 'Through & Beyond All' or 'Locomotive' but to me there are too many songs that plod along and don't really do that much. In this style of music I find it has to be exciting and fairly pacy as the slower tracks just don't have any of the same 'oomph' that the rockier ones do. Maybe it's just because I'm impatient, but there are a handful of tracks on this CD that are quite good but the rest pass by without making much of an impact. Some really nice riffs and guitar parts within but overall pretty much absolutely average.

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