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Say Goodbye

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: No Idea Records
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 13, 2007
Assholeparade were one of those Gainesville bands from the latter half of the 90s that I had plenty of time for. Though lumped together with the likes of Palatka and End of the Century Party, these guys played a more straight-up breed of hardcore than their buddies, jettisoning the twitchy Mohinderisms and opting for a more brutal Infest/Spazz sound that cut straight to the chase with thrashed out blasts (remarkably fast for a bunch of self-confessed weedians…) and brutally frank lyrics. This here outing compiles two “lost” sessions from ‘97 and ’98, dug from the vaults to be finished and mixed this year in time for the band’s recent resurrection.

Stylistically there’s no real straying from the track – fifteen blasts of full-tilt, spiteful hardcore that knows its history and isn’t afraid to put a few noses out of joint. All well and good, but for some reason they sound a little less bitter this time around – maybe it’s just the modern-day finishing touches, but some of that old meanness and venom seems to have drained out along the way, meaning that while this is a solid enough addition to their arsenal, that discography CD will probably still be my first port of call next time I want to get lively with some hash thrash.

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