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Teen Amateur - Cousin Scampi


Year Released: 2005
Format: 10"
Label: Force Fed
Reviewed by Damien Mills on Jun 13, 2007

So this is a split record from some localish bands (I think), first up we have Cousin Scampi, fuck knows what the name is about but this WELL reminds me of something else that, unfortunately, I can't quite put my finger on. It kind of jumps about a bit stylistically and I'm not sure if it all works. Wouldn't say it was contrived or whatever but perhaps they should stick to what they are good at (the first more melodic track for example) rather than going for the KraZy! KrAzy! angle that's so popular at the minute. So much of that stuff just gets on my tits really really quickly, but then again, loads and loads of people dig this stuff these days so me not liking it might well mean you love it...

The other side is given up to Teen Amateur who have some nice Eerie Indiana ripping artwork going on. Musically it's more straight forward instrumental stuff, kind of repetetive but I can dig it though perhaps only in short-ish doses. It's more sort of big riffing stuff rather than the quiet-loud-quiet shtick of your Explosions in the Mogwais, I think I prefer this side overall.

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