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The American Analog Set

Set Free

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Morr Music
Reviewed by Ian Scanlon on Jun 13, 2007
The demise of Tigerstyle, left a bunch of pretty great bands with no home recently, Ida, Rye Coalition, and AMANSET being the ones that I noted the most. So it's nice to see these Texans getting a new record out. This is a band that I discovered kind of by accident years ago when I used to book gigs. The album they were touting back thenin 2001, "know by heart" arrived on my door and wormed it's way into my brain with it's Vibraphones, brushed drums and whispered vocals, nothing else I have checked out by them (including more recent album "Promise of Love") has really matched the all round smartness of "Know by heart", and I think I have figured out why. It appears that these chaps have been taking the AC/DC approach to recording, ie we can play this stuff really well, let's just make the same record again. Once I clocked this it enabled me to appreciate this record alot more. It is essentially the same as their other records. There's even the standard song with Fuck in the title! Final track "Fuck this I'm leaving", Vs KbH's "Punk as Fuck". Freed of the expecation of progression / sonic exploration I was able to revel in the lackadaisical grooves, the brushed drums, the vibraphones and indeed the whispered vocals! I love this band, and you will too. Or I will kick your ass... slowly.

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