A horrible hack

A New Spelling of My Name

the Fraud & Folly of Good Intentions

Year Released: 2005
Format: LP
Label: art for blind
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I saw these dudes play in Norwich on their recent UK tour. It was a tough trip by all accounts, and I think they made it back to the US with their shirts just about still on their backs. In Norwich, not many folks hung around to see them, but they gave us a solid set of rocking post-hc. Which is what they deliver on this LP too. For the most part, they sound like a slowed down Texas is the Reason with quite whiney vocals, bringing a little Mineral to the whole shakedown. Those are elements that I would enjoy hearing combined, but they don't quite pull it off in the fashion that would make me go nuts over this LP. I don't know how much of an interest there is in bands sounding like that these days, but this is certainly not a bad record at all. I do find the emoted vocals become quite grating, but the music is fine - lots of flailing around moodily, sounding on the edge of exploding or building up into something a lot more energetic. They never quite seem to get there for the most part though, with the songs being quite drawn out and occasionally reaching peaks, yet never totally rocking out.

If you are still into late 90s Deep Elm / Emo Diaries, you probably will find this record to be to your liking.

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