A horrible hack

An Emergency

We Are The Octagonists

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Captains Of Industry
Reviewed by Ian Scanlon on Jun 13, 2007
Have you heard, "no kill, no beep beep"? I have, someone left a tape of it on top of a box of t-shirts at an Econoline gig ( I think it was in Sheffield), I have no idea who it was. I had been sent different damage, and met one of the chaps from the band once when he staying with some friends of mine, but hadn't gotten round to checking out their first record. So anyway, if whoever was at that show in sheffield in 2004 and left that tape there, (it has Shiner on the other side) is reading this and wants it back... I'll post it! SO my point being. An Emergency have heard it too. Quite a lot I think, not that this is neccessarily a bad thing, as they also seem to have checked the two later Q and Not U records too (which I liked more, I actually bought Power WITH MY OWN MONEY). Sadly they don't dig out the melodica. They do dig out a touch of the social commentary though "irony neine danke" having the refrain, "we're beaten down by the rock of religion", a literal critique of stoning perhaps? (no). The trouble is, whilst it's easy to get worked up by stuff that's awful, and even easier to get worked up by stuff that's amazing, it's difficult to shift oneself with stuff that's a bit MEH! There's something very dry about this record - the production is great, and clearly the band are putting in the required moves (squiggly guitar leads, angular rhythms pounding tom heavy drums/ disco breakouts), but it's just not touching me. I guess maybe these guys make sense live? Where the WOO's and the strained vocals might grab one a bit more. Doesn't do much for me though, what an unedifying review!

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