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Souls Vibrating in the Universe

All These Words Are Yours

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Middle Name Danger
Reviewed by Alan Read on Jun 13, 2007
Ok then, this here is Souls Vibrating In The Universe – “all these worlds are yours” and it’s as pretencious as something with a title like that should be. I really don’t like this; it’s like a sparse Sigur Ros without any of the interesting sounds or feeling. The guy singing is really irritating and false sounding. I saw Explosions in the Sky the other day and they where shockingly bad, this is even worse than them…geez that band sucked, everything was so predictable and forced sounding.

One more thing this sounds nothing like gy!be or Mogwai…lazy cunting journalists, more like Keane or some bollocks. The worst thing anyone has ever said to me was by my mum and she said, Alan you like Keane don’t you? You look like the singer.

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