A horrible hack

A Day in Black and White


Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Level Plane
Reviewed by Sandy Nesbitt on Jun 13, 2007
I just love these guys so much. I thought it was an omen that this record was going to be REALLY good, because it was taking so long to get to me. You know, the old good things come to those who wait - what a dumb cliché. Finally though, it has arrived, and after listening to the whole thing, I am just so completely DISAPPOINTED. I bought this fueled by the notion that it was going to be like My Hero’s Have Always Killed Cowboys, a record that totally blew me away. Well, it isn't anything like it. It doesn't even sound like the same band.

The songwriting is so different. It is not even the same sort of style. And I wonder if they got a new guitarist or something, because the guitar work sounds... I don’t know what it sounds like. But what it DOESNT sound like is anything that I was expecting from these guys. I mean, don't get me wrong, it definitely is not bad. And don't let my review stop you from buying it. You might like it. It’s just not an album I would prefer to listen to when I've heard what these guys are capable of. And unfortunately I will probably not ever listen to it again. What a let-down. I hate it when this happens.

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