A horrible hack


These Graves

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Troniks - Scratch And Sniff Entertainment - PACrec - I Heart Noise
Reviewed by Alan Read on Jun 13, 2007
This is a split release between SNSE and I Heart Noise, and as you may have guessed it's a noise record. It's an ok record with lots of layers and interesting sound. Track one, 'The Blood From' is 14 minutes long and starts with gentle hum and rhythmic buzzing sounds, that slowly builds up with glitchy grainy static and feedback. This then morphs into track two which is a minute long sub bass drone, with some nice textural differences. Track three, 'Weigh Forever' is another 14-minute track that is based around a pulsating drone, it seems to have quite a lot of depth that future listens could reveal, and finally it ends on a minute long drone.

This record is more interesting than the current crop of noise bands, I much prefer their quieter, subtle minute long tunes, than the longer harsher tracks, but overall this is one of the better release from I Heart Noise that would probably be amazing live.

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