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Six Songs

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
These kids know how to attract my attention. I bet they designed the packaging entirely on getting me to give them a good review (just joshing), by sticking the cd in a paper bag. Sneaky. Anyway, Aurora are a new UK band and they are trying their hand at the whole post-hc / indie rock angle, and they come off pretty successfully it has to be said. The opening track "My Skin of Tears" (CHEESEMO ALERT! Lots of the song titles are whiff-laden) does the traditional drifty verse, chuggy chorus thing with nice jangly guitars. I like the quiet bits a lot more than the post-hc personally, the vocals are really nice when soft, but grate a touch when they get louder. The soft stuff really reminds me of something like Rainer Maria perhaps. It follows with the super-soft "Ekaitza" which is lovely. Very floaty. It actually sounds a bit like Ida, especially the drifty female vocals, though with something like MIJ thrown in for good measure.

The third song is acoustic, which I can take or leave, and so is "On Paper Wings" (told you there was cheesemo!) but this one is more like Ida again, which is fine by me. You also get the riffy "Sunrises & Sunsets" (I TOLD YOU!) which isn't really to my tastes, but would probably appeal to dedicated followers of Deep Elm. Things are wrapped up with the 6 and a half minutes of "Intermission", which has similar tendencies with some shoegaze elements going on at times.

This isn't bad at all - its not entirely my favourite style of music (I am really not into the male vocals as a whole, and would prefer to hear more of the female singer doing the drifty stuff), but they've put a lot of effort into getting it to sound and look . I think if you are into the kind of post-emo stuff from bands like Cursive or Sometree, then this will be right up your street.

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