A horrible hack


Here Where Nothing Grows

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Important
Reviewed by Unknown on Jun 13, 2007
So here it starts, the slew of mediocre doom begins here. Of course I am part of the problem, all of us new jacks have made playing slow and doomy metal very de rigueur and certainly a viable market for anyone shrewd enough to cash in on the huge population of Hydrahead devotees with money to burn and little quality control. But that is besides the point - first couple of listens and this was really nice. If I had been a reviewer who listens to something once and writes then this review would be drowning in glowing plaudits... but alas, that is not going to happen.

When I listen to metal, I want it with balls and some fucking teeth. I want it dark, depraved and dirty... after you get your head round the movements on offer in the three tracks that form this album then it dawns on you that it just seems far too clinical. It's all very well played and has all the right ingredients but it leaves me cold and un-moved. When I listen to Sacred Predictions (Burning Witch) I want to go out and cause a riot and get so mind fuckingly drunk that I can't remember anything... When I listen to The Salt (second track from this and the angriest) I want to put the kettle on and have a cup of tea.

I feel guilty for having recommended this to so many people based on my initial opinion, I just hope they have more enjoyment out of it than I have. In closing, if you liked the new Pelican then you will love this. Yes, that is meant to be an insult.

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