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Bafabegiya - Arabella


Year Released: 2005
Format: 7"
Label: Spacement
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 13, 2007
Bafabegiya are seriously growing on me like some kind of socially unacceptable rash. Here they bark out more start-of-the-nineties hardcore recalling the early Ebullition releases and throwing in dashes of Undertow and Rorschach for good measure. These three tracks are totally great – fast, angry and none too pretty, standout moments being the random cries of aaaaaaaaaghrghrghgrgrhhhh! in the first song and Surrogate Life’s general awesomeness.

Over on the other side, Arabella are up to something else entirely. They’ve got the chaotic shrillness of Angel Hair or Eurich about them, but mix up the screamy stuff with artier pretensions reminiscent of a lower-than-low-rent Fugazi. Lest those comparisons get you too excited, the potential listener should be warned that it’s all sloppy as heck and rather appallingly recorded, meaning emo nirvana is, thus far, still out of reach. Not bad, though.

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