A horrible hack


Woolly Mannerisms

Year Released: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Strictly Amateur Films
Reviewed by Alan Read on Jun 13, 2007
Ok, so I read the press blurb before listening to this and it stated ‘try to imagine a bloody mix of My Bloody Valentine and pil all soaked in dark electronica’……I question some peoples ears, this sounds like when Marylin Manson became androgynous but its been made by mall emo kids on synths. The last track is the best, it’s an electro techno tune but it’s still shit. Buy some gabba.

That press blurb should of said bad 80’s synth goth pop, soaked in preset sounds from there casio keyboards. If you didnt want to lose scene points by saying you liked the Killers then maybe you should check this out...

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