A horrible hack

Angora Static


Year Released: 2006
Format: LP
Label: Lilac Sky - Wild Zero - audio is war
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Man! These Norwaymo guys are all RWOAAARGHHH and AIIIIIII from pretty much the second second of the record. Very little relent to be found here, as they sob their hearts out and pulverise the guitars and drums into mere microns. Thunder Thunder! Its a heftier, heavier version of emo, and one that I find it very difficult to draw a comparison to, which is surely a good thing - its hard to be creative in this mostly 'done' genre. I must admit that I am not particularly prone to enjoying heavier music, but the Static have come up with a sound that completely works, with all the instrumentation combining to build a veritable wall of melodic chaos, and into that they throw the hoarse vocals and barely traceable elements of a thread to follow. It just about holds together - you can get a grip on the sound and enjoy the songs, without feeling that they are just throwing a lumpen noise at you. Smashing. Now and again they do pause for breath (I believe purely because it would be impossible to play this stuff live for more than 10 minutes without physically dying, hence the breakdowns), and throw in an instrumental, but once that stuff is out of the way they inevitably get back to bashing your brains in again with some towering sounds that all suddenly teeter over and fall to floor devestatingly. Sheesh.

I suppose there are moments that you can say "yeah, that sounds like Envy actually" but for the most part, AS have come up with their own thing, and that in itself impresses me greatly. The fact that the LP is a rollercoaster ride of krazy khaos and that its any good is where they really score though. Right good uns!

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