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Boris with Merzbow

Sun Baked Snow Cave

Year Released: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Hydra Head
Reviewed by Unknown on Jun 13, 2007
One disc, one song, lower case boris, 60 odd minutes, a compiled piece that contains work from 2001 to 2004.

What the fuck is a Sun Baked Snow Cave? I have no freaking idea, but this was released on HydraHeads noise imprint late last year and it didn't make anywhere near the splash that Pink did when it was released. I would say it's a mystery but I think we all know is that it probably has something to do with this not being on vinyl... Ho fucking hum. So what do I say to the idiots who have not bought this yet? "HA-FUCKING-HA!"

Before the extended work on the second lp of Pink this is probably boris at there most lush since the intro to the vinyl introduction to Akuma. Perhaps the time they have had working on this has helped with the quality control as this is certainly seems to be a more complete release than the previous merzbow collaborations, but whatever the reason, this is really, really fucking good. It's quite simple really, it's quiet, it builds up to a crushing loud drone and it drops down to being as quiet as a whisper again. If that musical journey sounds good to you then get this cd, it's probably the one recent Boris release that will be easy for everyone to pick up anywhere (I saw copies in hmv!). However, those of you who prefer the Boris that churns out the riffs then maybe better steering clear and sticking with PINK... But those who like the drones then this is going to seem golden to you.

Oh and as ever a shout has to go out for the packaging, a standard gatefold sleeve but with a complete mindfuck of angled blocking in exceptionally tasteful blues and greys, it's pretty.

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