A horrible hack

Clipd Beaks


Year Released: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Deleted Art - Tigerbeat
Reviewed by Unknown on Jun 13, 2007
Yeah that is the correct spelling of the title, and this disc has been infuriating me as much as that wacky spelling does. Treading the board between effect laden rock, whispery droney indie and straight up danceable electro it never really kills it in any of the territories.

Across the six tracks on here they can't keep to one idea and nail it down, they seem to think it's cool to let the songs roam and straddle genres, which I guess is kinda ok... But not when you are in the mood to listen to one style of thing. I guess as a mash up of you can hear bits of no wavey indie and post-faint electro pop it's not bad... Just kinda lacking anything original that they could call their own; A half assed review for a half assed ep.

Labels - dLTD art and tigerbeat6.

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