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Summer's Seething Pulse

Year Released: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Mar/ino
Reviewed by Unknown on Jun 13, 2007
Interesting, very interesting... This is part of the Mar/Ino : The Complication Series. Whilst that means nothing to me, it might mean something to you. This is a series executed by the fine people at Elsie and Jack records and it is encased in a cardstock mini gatefold which is numbered, foil stamped and has added fingerprints in gold with a Japanese style curved plastic sleeve for the disc and an insert that folds out into a mini poster/advert which doubles as the information about the release on the flip. Information is minimal, the track listing, record date, tools used and a short piece of writing by Mr Kneale (aka BCM). Perhaps the most lovely piece of the packaging is the personalised (by name) piece of card which is stamped, numbered and mentions the bonus track... Very quaint. (in a good way.) That is enough of buying the package, given the round a bout route I had to take to aquire this disc it's likely you are going to be purchasing it via mailorder and not from a store so aesthetics are not part of the equation when it comes to seperating your cash from your paypal account!

The past couple of weeks have seen me spending a lot of time with the bleak material you can find on CSPI and Battlecruiser; I find that ear abuse is a great way to relax and block out all the bullshit in work, so now faced with a more soothing prospect I am hestitant about being in the right mood to review this. It's been in my hands for a month or so now but I find myself picking an 'easier' option when wanting something in the quieter side. That is not a mark of disrespect to this jam, if anything it's a compliment. The nature of the sounds on here make it impossible to focus on something else and have this just as background music. The constant shifting of tone and maniuplation of effect mean that you can only let yourself wander onto something else briefly before a string or a key or a effect will pull you back. Which is all very well and good but not exactly the thing you can listen too whilst trying to get work done! :)

If I had to zero in on one part of the three tracks, it would be the stomach churning droned string sounds at the end of second track. Scraped and bowed to an incessant level tempered only with fluid sounding background noise and occaisonal strums of the guitar... When it all comes to a sudden end the feeling of bliss is just beautiful. This is easily as enjoyable as Chi Vampires; first edition is limited to 250 pieces though so you better get on this fast.

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