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I Am The Wolf (Demo)

Year Released: 2006
Format: CDR
Label: self released
Reviewed by Unknown on Jun 13, 2007
So I went to see Cave/In, got crunk, came home and found this in my pocket... Hmmm, I wonder if it was someone in the band actually wanting an opinion, someone giving out free cds or if it was a japester thinking how comedy it would be to get paco to review the latest demo from these Dundee metalcore types. The answer to that is lost in the haze of san miguel and is probably for the best. So we have a reasonably well put together demo, aside from the lack of consistency in the use of capitalisation and bizarre line breaks it looks ok... For some reason the lyrics have been omitted, but given the song titles we are probably not missing any outstanding social commentary. Oh, I notice this demo is something to do with "Ghost Fest" which probably means nothing to do with you unless you have came across the band wagon stroke hair cut festival that operates in Leeds and will continue to do so while the trend is riding high or whilst myspace exists.

Alright, now for the actual content on of this cdr... simplistic CHUN-CHUN metal that is competently played and well recorded. The vocals however sound like whatever their favourite American bands sound like and the cookie monster vocals are delivered with absolutely no balls or power. One thing that grates even more than that is the gang vocals and cheesy metal guitar solos that are both so trite it's not true. Don't even get me started on the 'emo' section of the last track, fucking hell what a crock of pish.

Given that Scotland has produced two of the most effective and raucous metalcore bands of recent years who have been honing their craft for years, holler at allergo and azriel, it's kinda bemusing why a band who have already been through several incarnations would end up with something so diluted and third rate. Such a shame that this is another group of locals who might try and assault me with planks of wood, whatever, a completely disposable offering for the myspace generation.

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