A horrible hack

Burial Year


Year Released: 2006
Format: 12" EP
Label: waving wheat
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 13, 2007
“Onslaught” is the word that springs to mind here, such is the brute force displayed by Burial Year’s rumbling metallic hardcore. Vocals are low and throaty whilst judicious use is made of the double bass pedal, driving the ever-shifting music between ground-shaking thuds, shrieking discords and searing melodic breaks. Inevitably, Takaru are an appropriate point of reference – the same white-hot ferocity, belligerent politics and psychopathic character traits are all present and correct; but where Takaru were content to wreak their havoc in as little time possible, Burial Year sprawl a little more, allowing time for their deadly toxins to seep and flow throughout this six-song debut. Grand as it is, this release suffers ever-so-slightly on account of a somewhat murky production – something I hope to find rectified when I get around to picking up the full-length...

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