A horrible hack



Year Released: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Memphis industries
Reviewed by Ian Scanlon on Jun 13, 2007
My taste in country rock is perhaps a little suspect, I've noticed that my enjoyment of it seems to be directly proportional to how inauthentic it is, so it's no surprise that this London based indie rock bunch who only make the occasional nod at country are one of my favourite country rock type acts! I saw them opening for the equally non kosher (in a country style) Broken Family Band last year and they were great. Sunny girl singer BA BA BA's over the top of a guy singing barry white register low, with some great 'licks' as we guitar dudes say, and even (when I saw them at the green man in the summer) a really ace horn section. The tunes on here that leap out are "something to bang" which is like Leonard Cohen fronting the Replacements (with an ace horn section) and the tracks where they let the girl sing a bit more, cos occasionally all the low end singing needs a bit of light and shade, but the tunes she does sing on "body in a car somewhere" and "try sober" in particular are awesome. So if like me you prefer your country rockers to come from Tooting rather than Texas, pick this up!

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