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Year Released: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Memphis industries
Reviewed by Ian Scanlon on Jun 13, 2007
I LOVE THIS, this is a b-side collection from what appears to my ears to be amongst the finest pop act to drop out of the north east in the recent explosion of bands that sound like they used to be in Byker Grove! This starts with a lovely bit of harmony humming and explodes into hand claps, jolly piano, and some brilliant melodies, track two is even better "in the kitchen" simple elements all piling up to make some of the easiest head nodding listening that I've heard since Jim o'Rourkes insignificance, all this and that north east accent which I seem to remember reading was actually found to be the best accent for people in call centres to have? I may have made that up but I always like get people from that area on my phone banking line! All told this is a pretty smart mini album compiling all their b sides so now i need to go and get their proper album.

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