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Army Of Flying Robots - Kamikazee


Year Released: 2006
Format: 7"
Label: Feast of Tentacles
Reviewed by Joe Caithness on Oct 28, 2007
Here is the belated review for Nottingham's two most violent bands, by the time this review is actually online I think most of the 7"s will have actually been sold, but hey I got a copy of this to review and owe at least two of them a pint, so I should really...first off this record is very very well packaged, it even has a sticker on it just incase you are too lazy to turn the record around, the artwork I believe was done by a chap in the band Baroness and the whole record sticks to the theme he came up with. It's nice to see people taking care over the packaging without hitting ever cliché on the way there. Army of Flying Robots kick in at 100 miles per hour with probably their most aggressive track yet, and if you have heard Robots before, and if you haven't shame on you, that's a pretty big deal. Great spastic thrash intro with Andy doing some great throaty back ups over Henry's primal scream working into a mega powerful 3 minutes of violence which can only be compared in pure "smash your fucking face in" realms with bands like Acme and Uranus. This in turn breaks down in a sea of dissonance and halves in speed once again for the outro which makes me wanna stomp around my room. This band just keeps on getting better, and give us two tracks to smack ourselves in the face with here. Kamikazee was one of these bands you heard about and wern't sure if they actually existed, this is the Rising Sun Mosh Kru, a tri vocaled faux-Jap noise thrash assault, somewhere between Larm and Dystopia, Kamikazee's side on this 7" stops and starts in the most brutal fashion imaginable, while the three singers, one roar, one scream and one squeal should all kinds of weird shit about planes over the top. Very good first tracks from this bunch of Billys.

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