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Blame Game

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Year Released: 2006
Format: LP
Label: Stickfigure
Reviewed by Joe Caithness on Oct 28, 2007
If you have ever browsed the B section of Collective-zine's reviews you will have probably come across me going nuts over this band, and rightly so. If you haven't heard Blame Game the best way to describe them is as the missing link between frantic 90s style hardcore punk, from Mohinder to His Hero is Gone, and spacey jazzed up semi-improv math rock akin to Polvo. And the best thing about this band is they over time have morphed into their own style, literally starting out as one kind of band and progressing further into the realms of artistic endeavour with each release. Their latest effort sees probably the most drastic drift from their initial base, providing us with only a touch of punk rock and a whole heap of swing and ambient swirly guitars. Yes, the vocals are gone, sorry guys, but my theory is that they have a good 30 odd tunes with great vocals/lyrics in case you miss them, and my advice is to get stuck into this shit. Here we have 4 tunes, 3 songs and one tape collage (done by a friend of theirs, which basically a messed up soundscape using the ringing guitars and odd percussion devices from other recordings), and they are all bloody good, and bloody long, so put your post rock ears on.

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