A horrible hack

The Bobby McGee's

S'Amuser Com des Fous

Year Released: 2007
Format: 7"
Label: cherryade
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 11, 2007
I can't honestly say that twee indie / folk music is my go to genre. In fact, prior to today I would probably not have been able to suggest that such a thing even existed. This EP is 6 songs of simple, cutesy, fun music with a darker side. The songs are all short, but I was keenest to hear "Danny Baker / Bob Marley", hoping it would be a song that detailed how the Bakermeister is directly responsible for the Marley's death. I will take this opportunity to mention that Danny Baker and Danny Kelly are BACK! Anyway, the song appeared to have nothing to do with the title as far as I could tell, dwelling more on desired Christmas presents. Instrumentally they indulge in some less popular devices, such as a ukulele, possibly a recorder, some kind of double bass or something and so on. You know, the kind of things that indie bands delve into when they want to be a little different to their peers. The vocals are perhaps the best feature, with Scottish boy and folksy girl singing various oddities to each other.

Anyways, despite the disappointment surrounding the lack of Danny Baker related lyrics, this is a decent little release that is not aimed at my goodself but surely will appeal to the indie quirksters amongst you.

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