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The Ergs - Lemuria


Year Released: 2007
Format: 7"
Label: Art of the Underground
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 11, 2007
Man alive, I had no idea quite how popular these two bands are, this 7" is on it's third pressing already and it only came out earlier this year. Anyways, it's good to know that decent pop punk will still have an audience and people are buying records. The Ergs! spiral through two corkers here, with "Introducing Morrissey", lost love and the Smiths tangling in a great song, super melody and it's all good. You know what the Ergs sound like by now I am sure. They follow that up with a kick-ass cover of a Gin Blossoms song called "Hey Jealousy". Great college indie rock, with a silly guitar solo. I am pretty sure I have heard the original at some point, probably when driving somewhere with m'good buddy Simon.

Lemuria have moved on a bit since I last heard them, playing tuneful indie rock on "Little Silver Children" with slightly disinterested sounding male and female vocals. It works well. It's a lot less like Discount than I recall them being, but it's been ages since I listened to one of their releases. They then play a slightly muted pop punk number called "Clean", it races on perhaps in an early Superchunk type fashion. Enjoying the vocals again here, but there is something missing, possibly in the production. Not bad though.

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