A horrible hack

Adebisi Shank


Year Released: 2007
Format: CD
Label: Armed Ambitions Organised Ideas
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Nov 12, 2007
A riotous Dublin trio specialising in boisterous instrumentals (bar the odd bit of whooping and a-hollering) that successfully blast any notions of vocal absence equalling boring post-rockery right out the bloody water, Adebisi Shank are proof positive that you can rock and be smart at the same time. "Horse" is a personal fave, kicked off by stomping drums and an elasticated bassline that goes literally everywhere and takes you with it, the guitars following with some explosive freeform expressions that still keep within the sold rhythmic framework. It's the sound of three musicians testing each other's limits, whilst somehow keeping it on the right side of listenability. Absolutely superb. The artwork is also completely customisable, so it can be as good or as bad as you like.

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