A horrible hack

Agents Of Abhorrence

Earth Water Sun

Year Released: 2007
Format: CD
Label: 625 Thrash Records - Numerical Thief
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Jan 2, 2008
The new wave of DIY grind is spearheaded by Australia's Agents Of Abhorrence. With a clutch of great releases under their belt already, the trio blast their way through ten tracks in almost as many minutes. Whilst the previous "Character Dissection" EP had clear leanings towards something like Discordance Axis' art-grind aesthetic in terms of sound, lyrics and presentation, "Earth Water Sun" is somehow grittier, more rooted in the punk hardcore mould, and all the better for it. The guitarist also plays for My Disco, and his talent for complex, clever, jagged riffing (albeit at forty times the speed) transfers across beautifully. The drumming too is inhumanly rapid. Great release.

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