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Abner Trio - Man At Arms


Year Released: 2007
Format: CD
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings - Friction Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Feb 1, 2008
I'd never heard of either of these bands before, but took the plunge after hearing some Abner Trio stuff on their Myspace page. They play a nice brand of post rock / midwestmo, combining the talky angle of Slint with something a little more bouncy at times, but still brooding on the gloomier, moody element, reminding me more than a little of Three Mile Pilot. Each song rumbles for 3 to 4 minutes, building up and collapsing unexpectedly. "The Reckoning" herky-jerks into view like some unheard Proudentall effort, which was most pleasing to this obscurist. It has a superb breakdown where it drains away to a minimal emptiness, before firing back up again. Track 3 "the Hysteria" continues this flavour, and has a moment of unconstrained yelling that is right Cap'n Jazz. So there you go, a good mish-mash of sounds that you don't hear every day. Worth a listen for sure.

I didn't check out Man At Arms before ordering this, and they do not really appeal to me. They play math-rock type gubbins, quick paced, spinning off at different angles and not having any hooks to draw me in. Too bad.

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