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Year Released: 2007
Format: LP
Label: Communique
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Mar 3, 2008
Recently I've found out about a lot of screamo labels from all over the world that I never new existed. A lot of people seem to have had enough of screamo but not me! One such label is Communique records, run by a guy called Ian, and this was his first release, let loose upon the world in 2007.

The record's title is simply how long the record lasts. Arches inflict 18 minutes of punishing screamo with the occasional break to recover and play some nice guitar melodies before exploding once more. It's not particularly original but it works well. The band sound a bit like a slightly slowed down version of Jerome's Dream or Dead Seraphim; the vocals are less high pitched and the guitars and drumming are not quite as fast. It's chaotic and hectic but all it still flows together.

There's definitely elements of both Witching Hour and the more modern post rock screamo sound here. I apologise for using 'post rock screamo' as a genre name but it may help you figure out the sound of Arches. Unfortunately I think they've split up and I think this is all they released.

Overall, this is by no means an essential screamo purchase but it definitely does hold its own and is worth checking out if you are a fan of the genre. I think I prefer Arches to Jerome's Dream and Dead Seraphim to be honest and I really like both those bands!

3rd March 2008

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