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Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Apr 4, 2008



I have a CDR here, with the name Lionface scrawled on it in purple. There are fives songs on it, all of them are at least 3 minutes long, but I have no idea as to the names of any of them. Listening to them on a terrible set of what I would grudgingly refer to as headphones, I can hear that the band plays fiddly emo, with yelling, noodly guitars, calm moments and outbursts of all that. It's another UK band that sounds a bit like What Price, Wonderland? There's a few of those right now, churning out demos, which I think is quite intriguing. Bands taking on the emo template and bending it to their own means. The first song at five minutes winds it's way through hectic outbursts and brief contemplation, winding up with some post-rocky guitars that wander on to the conclusion. This sets the scene, Lionface don't deviate too much from that template throughout the course. Each song generally features the shouty bit, and the quiet bit, in a variety of orders. If you need Yankee comparisons, it lurches somewhere between Sinaloa, Hot Cross and Stop It!! but (and I am sure the band won't mind me saying this) they have quite some way to go before they are up there with those bands, although there is plenty here to appreciate in the mean time. The start of the third song even makes me think of Native Nod.

In the meantime this is a promising demo that ought to appeal to those enamored with boys talking, hollering and screaming over a hectic racket of melodic guitars. The latter is the part that they need most work on, the structures are still a bit simplistic or wildly strewn in a haphazard fashion. Neither of those are bad things, especially with a demo, but Lionface have a little ways to go on the songwriting front, and a decision to make as to whether they want to evolve into a chaotic mathy band, or an exciting emo band, or continue being a mish mash of both. Either way you look at though, this is an intriguing start, and definitely worthy of investigation.

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