A horrible hack

Burial Hex - Silvester Anfang II


Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: Aurora Borealis
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Apr 5, 2008
Split 7” here, released just in time for both acts’ joint tour of the UK. Burial Hex offers up ‘Throne’, six minutes of plunging low-end gloops, static scrapes, whistles of feedback and inhumanly mangled vocals, all of which pretty much sums up just why Clay Ruby has decided to describe this particular project as “horror electronics.” Silvester Anfang II provide some light relief with ‘Van De Maansekte', a spiralling effort caught halfway between krautrock pulse and Bardo Pond tingsha-tinkling with its lolloping drums, multi-layered guitars and whispered, folk-tinged mitherings that build towards a swirling, ethereal climax.

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