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Kidcrash - Coffin Dancer


Year Released: 2008
Format: 10"
Label: Denovali
Reviewed by Tony Era on Apr 8, 2008
First review in ages and first for the new look C here kids so here we go.

I got this split primarily for the kidcrash side as Iíve liked them ever since their demo and the lp really impressed too. But Iíll leave them till later as I simply have to talk about Coffin Dancer. As you might have heard or even experienced their side is a bit of a funny one. It will be the first and quite possibly the last record I will ever review played at two different speeds. First up 33 1/3 (As I now know to be correct), it pretty solid, slow grungy and heavy. The lyrics are groaned and moaned instead of straight up screaming and it does work well. However, you really do get the feeling that it is not only slow, but Ďseemsí too slow. There are many slower bands but this just doesnít feel quite right, which unfortunately it is. The song is really really long and meanders a bit too much for my liking. So then, onto the same side as 45 (As I initially thought HAD to be right), it is a brilliant song!! The moans of despair now become screams of passion! The drums are chaotic and almost drum n bassy in parts and the guitars are in tune!! The crazy thing is you can speed up any record you like and it will just sound like the chipmunks, but when you speed this up it sounds still in time, still in tune, just amazing!! Even the end of the song which previously was a slow grind out now sounds like a lush instrumental part with fast picking and double kick drums! Iím sure the band wonít be too happy at this review and will want you to hear the song as intended but I implore you buy this and listen to both speeds, youíll probably like 45 better!

And onto Kidcrash who as much as I wanted to listen to took a back seat to the fun with the Coffin Dancer side. It is more of the same but still a great modern take on (dare I say it) Screamo. But at least they do try and be a bit different. The guitar tones and structures they use are very original and not just the staple Ďscreamoí sounds you hear all too often. They kind of sound like a mix between faraquet (the twiddly bits and jazz drums) and City of Caterpillar in the rock out parts and build ups. I did also try this on 45 but alas it didn't work hehe.

Not much more to say really, if you donít already have this but like Kidcrash then buy it immediately because their side is a great song. If you like Coffin Dancer then buy this and speed it up and if you already have it and havenít tried it at 45 then do so. I felt a little bit cheated at only one song each on a 10Ē but itís my favourite format so not gonna complain too much because at least the art work is really nice and the vinyl is nice and thick. Check it.

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