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The Infarto, Scheisse! - Lady Tornado


Year Released: 2008
Format: 10"
Label: Shove - Concubine - Tornado Ride - Moloch
Reviewed by Tony Era on Apr 8, 2008
Lady Tornado up first because Iím saving the best till last. I have actually seen this band 2 years ago in Italy and they fucking slayed. The drummer is the same from the Death of Anna Karina and he is definitely one of the best Iíve seen. Without using up too many expletives at once, the only logical way to describe them is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING MENTAL! The music is all over the place, switching speed (from fast to shredding) blast beats, double kicks, guitars playing every way they can be played. The singer is particularly impressive if you like really really harsh high pitched screaming. We aint talking JD pitch here so dogs wonít go nuts if you play it. They sound even better during the 3rd song which is almost a garage rock song that morphs into disco beats then total chaos. I know for a fact that lots of people who read these reviews like unconventional and crazy music so please give these guys a listen!

Next up is one of my personal faves, The Infarto, Scheisse (fine I give in, the farty shit). Liked these guys since they formed out of the tragic end of La Falce. Their self titled lp slipped under many peopleís radars because at the time people were more into Shikari and La Quiete (not that there is anything wrong with that at all, I was too) but it was and is spectacular in my opinion. They have an older sound than modern emo, it has much more in common with bands such as Acme or Age than the newer wave of scrams and all the better for it. So these songs come out 3 years later and were totally worth waiting for. Their sound is simply huge, it is MASSIVE! All the instruments gel together really well and the way the tension builds in each song is incredible. They have slowed down spoken parts too which obviously sound amazing in Italian until it all explodes into the finale. Each song really does leave me breathless. It all just seems more sincere than a lot of bands doing this sort of thing and seems a bit more tortured and less contrived. They appear to find beauty in the anguished bits, instead of beauty in the twinkly pretty parts and itís a nice change. Not that I donít like and appreciate lots of bands doing the screamo thing now but this is so much better.

The Infarto, Scheisse! are pretty spellbinding live too so I hope they come over to these shores one day. Final word about the really nice artwork and package which I need to warn you about the insert picture. Gruesome. Totally worth waiting for, totally worth getting into now if you missed them the first time. My most full hearted recommendations to anyone who fancies it, just get it you wonít regret it.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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