A horrible hack

Kakka-Hata 77

Wtc Räjähtää

Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: Combat Rock Industry
Reviewed by Adam Fleet on Apr 9, 2008
Ah the beauty of picking up a great Finnish punk rock record, and realising there is not a single word printed anywhere on it that you can understand! Usually this points to some good eatin’, and Kakka-Hätä serve up a proper straight up punk rock 7. No messing about. Too many times this genre can fall into the trap of being badly played and ploddy. But Kakka-Hätä clearly know what they’re doing. For comparison, they are less abrasive than the likes of fellow countrymen Riistetyt or Melakka, instead having more in common with other Finnish greats like Kohu 63 or the godlike LAMA. I also reckon there’s a bit of German in there when they come across at times like the grubby oik offspring of Slime or Oxymoron. As well as touch of the Clash’s ‘Career Opportunities’ on one song! To my knowledge they have at least two 7”s out, and I would advise tracking them down.

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