A horrible hack

Burnt Cross

Arms Trade Death Trade

Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: Tadpole
Reviewed by Adam Fleet on Apr 9, 2008
Brighton’s Burnt Cross come up trumps with their second 7” of politically charged anarcho punk. Think Flux, Conflict and obviously Crass. It’s their second 7” release on Tadpole records in almost as many months and they belt out 3 tracks of angry, enraged protest punk. Lyrically they are excellent in their simplicity. Firing off salvos against animal abuse, and in support of the ‘Smash Edo’ campaign - aimed at bringing down the detestable pricks who make weapons components, based locally in Brighton. The title track especially is a real winner, and in addition there is a pretty cool video for it to be found on youtube. Passionate, pissed off, political punk rock (I rule at alliteration!).

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