A horrible hack

Candy Panic attack

Fruit, Natures Candy

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: cherryade
Reviewed by Ian Scanlon on May 7, 2008
A mixed bag this, track 2 on this EP, which i randomly put on first, is extremely promising. Imagine if you will X ray Spex attempting a first run at a Melt Banana song, taking it a little slowly and not hitting all the right parts. It's great, the bass and drums sound amazing and the shrieky mockney vocals and backing ooh's all add to a very engaging whole. Sadly the rest of the tunes aren't quite there, it's very basic three chord punk, which I have no problem with in principal, it's just that this sounds like the band are holding it back, they can play with something approaching genuine abandon, yet they keep it a bit mid paced. Also being able to understand the vocalist isn't very edifying, standard, why doesn't my boy/ girlfriend like me style gear, again not necessarily a bad thing, but it's just not unhinged enough, if they had a whole set of really shouty, fast stuff with a bass sound that aped a large scaffolding pole being twanged with a spade I would be able to recommend this fully. As it is maybe their next record will be more to my taste.

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