A horrible hack


A Small Breath

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on May 16, 2008
This EP is due for eventual release in a limited CDR format, but is currently available just as a free download. I find myself a touch behind the times, a little bewildered by the concept of music that you can't physically own, and maybe I will be one of those grumpy old bastards who never quite understands the youth of today, forever harping back to how things were better in the olden days. Anyway, Brass have knocked up an interesting little 3 tracker here. It reminds me a little of later day Sunny Day Real Estate (that's the Rising Tide era, yep, that will either scare you off completely or hearten you for sure), they have 3 and a half minute long songs that generally roll along melodically, with an enjoyable post-hardcore flavour and chiming guitars. The vocals are strong yet do not intrude at all, and although they don't generally recall Jeremy Enigk there are these little flavours that bring Sunny Day right to the neurones. The first two songs are very similar, in fact if there wasn't a short intelude between "the Dimming Lights" and "In the Pavement" then you'd probably not realise that they are different. This would have fit well on 2000ish era Deep Elm, and we've gotten to the point where we are so starved of interesting post hardcore that I no longer see that as a crime punishable by death. "Two Skeletons" is the pick of the three tracks, bringing things to a close with a lovely intro, gently rolling the bass with the vocals taking the forefront. It eventually builds up to the expected crashings of the guitars, although it fools you a tiny bit by dropping out again for a moment. Also check out the image there, I am pretty sure they are using the Royal Pain font. SDRE 4 ever!

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