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My Heart to Joy at the Same Tone

Virgin Sails

Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: Triumph of Life
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jul 10, 2008
This is a really solid 3 song 7" from this Connecticut band. They kick off with the driving "The Hours Change So We Don't Have To". The music is energetic, powerful and has hoarse vocals, it kind of sounds like a slightly more emo Hot Water Music. I know the world is full of a billion bands that sound a bit like HWM, but for once we have a band that actually has their own sound instead of tugging at the beard of recycling and making little attempt to differentiate themselves from the rest. Top song for me is "All of Life Is Coming Home", which chimes into earshot beautifully, easing off the accelerator and sounding the better for it. Very effective, like a combination of HWM, Jawbreaker and a bit of mid west emo. It breaks into some cheesey gang vocals at the end though, leave that for the folk punx guyz! Title track "Virgin Sails" is the least distinct for me, rumbling along in a hefty, post-hardcore fashion and never really quite distinguishing itself in the way that the other two songs do. So, all in all you have a good 7" that you should check out if gritty, melodic punk / post-hardcore is the kind of thing you like to fritter away your life to.

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