A horrible hack

Cola Freaks

Ingenting Set

Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: Hjernespind
Reviewed by Adam Fleet on Jul 16, 2008
Hailing from Aarhus Denmark, the Cola Freaks return with their sophmore 7” of fizzy, carbonated, rot your teeth punk rock. Named after a song by fellow Danes the Lost Kids. It has that old, almost Dangerhouse sound that many recent Danish exports are wont to do. Puts me to mind of The Regulations , Gorilla Angreb or a slower Dean Dirg. Catchy and rocking, they’ve loaded up on e-numbers and plonked down three beauties that are well worth your time and attention! I dug this quite a lot!

Hjernespind, picking up the Kick N Punch mantle it seems, has set to work kicking out the jams by modern Denmark’s finest. So whilst we’re on the subject, how’s about a reissue of that HUL lp?

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