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The Catalyst - Brainworms


Year Released: 2007
Format: 7"
Label: Rorschach Records
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Aug 14, 2008
Not sure if my chronology’s entirely right, but to me it seems like the Catalyst were exorcising their spazzier demons here before choosing to lurch off into the noise rock sunset of “Mariana’s Trench.” The first two tunes are hectic and restless, thrashing wildly like a cross between Cherubs, Drive Like Jehu and Mohinder as they drag you kicking and screaming behind them before wibbling their side to a close with a nondescript instrumental. Brainworms, over on the flip, win me over despite my lukewarm reception to their previous “Which Is Worse” 12” for this same record label, almost fulfilling the promise of some wonderful A4 / Van Pelt hybrid with the melodic, Mike Kirsch punch of "Winnie Cooper" and "Art Thou Bored," both of which flap neatly along despite some very occasional dips in momentum. Nice!

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