A horrible hack

The Vichy Government

White Elephant

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Filthy Little Angels
Reviewed by David Morrison on Aug 27, 2008
Vichy Governments 3rd album here. Not had the pleasure before. And after reading their press release not sure I should be listening to this? According to the band "all music is free and all music is worthless". Not sure I agree with that statement as a whole...

Anyway onwards and upwards! To say this is musically retro sounding would be an understatement. It mostly sounds like a very basic take on New Order. Over the top of that you have a lot of spoken word social commentary. Which could come across as very prententious shite. For the most part it evades this.

This comes across like someone with a lot to say. Someone who puts in a lot of time, effort and passion into his words. Maybe on the next release the music could match his lyrical effort?

I think this has so much scope to be a lot more interesting and so many avenues that could be easily explored. As it stands I was left utterly bored. Worthless? Maybe Vichy Government were just trying to prove a point.

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