A horrible hack


If You Work Hard

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Aug 29, 2008
A little hit and miss this 3 track demo, which gets off to a corking start with a superb, jangly indie effort which resides very comfortably next to the likes of the Wedding Present or Teenage Fanclub or something like that perhaps. All pleasant guitars, with occasional moments that inject a little more energy into the sound. It's a top notch indie pop song and set my expectation levels quite high. Unfortunately the band fail to grab my attention with either of the following songs. "Anthony's Brother" slides out of the gate with spiralling post-rock guitars, you know the kind, all high pitched and with some effects. It also has a very uninspired, familiar rhythm that got on my nerves. It's all a bit "average local indie band" unfortunately. The concluding track "Morgan" doesn't really improve matters, sadly. It mines similar territory to the opener, but lacks the hooks and character.

There's always room for jangly indie pop, and based on "If You Work Hard", Mynas have the ability to pen a dashed fine tune. The blurb says they're recording quite frequently, which is a positive thing as it probably means they're honing their craft. There's a glimmer of promise here, and hopefully they'll be able to fulfill it.

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