A horrible hack

Cephalic Carnage


Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Relapse
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Sep 30, 2008
With each new Cephalic Carnage album, it seems to take fewer and fewer spins before things fall into place, with the individual tracks and buried melodies becoming discernible from the initial morass of information. Call it practise, getting used to what CC do (ostensibly Dillinger with more stoner bits), but I reckon that if you were to plot the graph, "Xenosapien" would skirt a little TOO close to having things smoothed out. Compare and contrast this with last album "Anomalies", which pretty much managed to marry their near-unlistenable scattergun way with time changes and style shifts to an innate ability to write actual songs, with plenty of satisfying chug and spiralling leads. But whatever, if you liked what they did before, you'll like this, there's the token slow song, and their tightness as a musical unit is once again proven to be peerless.

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