A horrible hack



Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Minimal Resource Manipulation
Reviewed by David Morrison on Oct 3, 2008
As the first track comes in you're presented with what will be the most immediate of all of the tracks on this EP. Dreamy synth lines weave in and out of the the static infused grainy greatness of the drums. Many other sounds pan around within the mix and make for a very accomplished take on IDM.

The next track is a little more stripped back and minimal than the first. Not so much synthed out dreaminess, more a textural melting point of sound. And this definitely comes into it's own when listened to on headphones.

The third song is the most off kilter of the bunch. The drums seem to do what they want. Very minimal and obtuse throughout. It's all brought together with the aid of a dubbed out series of beeps and blips. It shines brightest toward the end when all the elements come together and get immersed in a reverb heavy melody.

The last track veers off into a different direction. Atmospheric wandering soundscapes drift in and out of this multi-tonal offering. Definitely a nod towards the Tim Hecker sound. Longest track on the EP but could easily have gone on longer, such is the quality documented here.

Only four tracks here which is a shame considering the standard displayed throughout. But it's certainly a case of quality over quantity. A must for fans of Warp/Skam/Planet Mu styled electronica. Highly recommended.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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