A horrible hack


3 Song CD

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Adam Cassidy on Oct 13, 2008
The world, in a very real sense, is fucked. And for all it's meant as a distraction, an escape even, our musical palate has often led some of us to a place where being uncomfortable and unhappy is something we enjoy... For those kindred spirits, this is a treat.

Ultradekrepit Solitude as Galaktyck Ennui (quite the title) is the centre piece of this ep, it's the swaggering drunk that you cross the road to avoid, it's nothing but bad news. The effect/noise manipulation buried within the laggard riff ghosts in and out of your perception in a surprisingly subtle way, it's like if Dot[.] slowed it down a notch and stopped taking their meds. Ensconcing this track are two shorter drone numbers, neither of which carry the same menace as Ultradekrepit but serve as excellent preface and post script.

This fourteen minute aural lynching is the most exciting prospect in heavy music the UK has regurgitated since Moss crawled out from under their rock.

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