A horrible hack



Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: wichita
Reviewed by Graeme Cunningham on Oct 22, 2008
The first couple of listens to Lovvers latest opus had left me cold. The seven inches had been awesome, but for some reason I wasn't getting much from this. That was until one slightly monged trip around the supermarket totally flipped my opinion. As I shuffled up between the veg and that weeks special offers (two for one on haribo, very tempting), the well orchestrated mess started to make some sort of perverse sense. The distorted vocals seemed to be serenading me from the in house PA system as the frankly broken sounding guitars crash and disintegrate in a joyously exuberant fashion. What begun as an essential quest for sustenance, was now more akin to Albert Hoffman presenting Supermarket Sweep. Items I had no use for entered my basket. Lovvers seems particularly suited to cake and baked fancy goods, as I spent at least three of this records tracks cruising back and fourth in front of the pink iced coconut squares and the Pineapple Tarts, salivating wildly.

I hasten to make clear, this damascene conversion was no temporary drug induced clarity. The next day "Think" retained all the day glow brilliance my supermarket epiphany had revealed to me the day before. Brevity is this records friend, most of the tracks clocking in at around the 1.30 mark. Although it makes for a concise affair, I'd rather have 13 odd minutes of pure joy de vivre than have it watered down with an extra twenty minutes faffing about. Those looking for political polemic and righteous anger (perhaps topped with some machismo sprinklings) should turn their noses up and jog on. But the rest of you, get this and I'll meet you in the frozen food section for a circle pit.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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