A horrible hack

these are powers

Taro Tarot

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: Deleted Art
Reviewed by Ian Scanlon on Oct 30, 2008
6 tunes, some pretty good tribal Siouxie and the banshees style drumming, and indeed Siouxie Sioux style vocals, not so many post punk style hooks though. Hmm, a big point in the press release is that this is all apparently composed improvisationally, but this isn't freeform Magik Markers style gear, and even though the tunes are short they still feel like they need some editing. The sound is pretty standard, heavily processed guitar, lots of toms, creepy bells. So far so blah. The blurb also makes much of their NY pedigree, (one of the chaps was in Liars) and made me hope for a Black Dice / Gang Gang Dance level of goodness. I waited for a while but frankly the most interesting thing about this is band is quote from their last.fm page

"the band has invested in a van that runs on both diesel and used vegetable oil from restaurant grease vats, thereby also reducing These Are Powers’ impact on the environment."

Good on them and all that, but they must be super awesome live and going on word of mouth if they get enough gigs to worry about their carbon footprint, because this record does not kick that much ass. I do suspect that I would enjoy this stuff up close in a sweatbox room with the pounding drums et al, but it's not getting repeated listens in the home. Sorry!

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