A horrible hack

The French Quarter

We're not French

Year Released: 2008
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Ian Scanlon on Oct 30, 2008
Yeah, you read that right, these dudes are ripping up the rule book, they start off with an instrumental and then the next tunes when they come in at all (I know they actually don't have singing in one song, bear with me), but yeah when they do come in the vocals are dead quiet, and they have like an actual Glockenspiel (which is the metal ringy one yeah cos a xylophone has wooden bits right). Try and get your head round that squares. Pfft.

Sorry, I feel bad for gyping these guys, the record sounds quite nice, (although some of the guitar and keys parts sound like they sampled them off a rejected police b side), but it's all a little unmemorable. Also on the plus side, I note that they are touring and stuff, so hats off for that (maybe their van runs on biodiesel too, they don't specify), but this record has no hits. It's another six song mini album like the these are powers set, but it's equally unaffecting. I guess maybe this is not for me, as I actually loathe 90% of the bands these dudes sound like (Sigur Ros being the one example that keeps springing to my mind). Even then though, they don't have the sweep of that style of thing, it's all quite laid back, which I guess is a slightly different take on the genre, still though as it's finishing I am left without a hook in my head, although I do quite want to watch an old episode of hi de hi, must be the glock' parts.

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