A horrible hack

The Lovely Eggs

Have you Ever Heard

Year Released: 2008
Format: 7"
Label: cherryade
Reviewed by Ian Scanlon on Oct 30, 2008
The Cherryade logo on a record is generally a sign that I will be able to appreciate the sounds inscribed on the compact disc presented to me. But it also indicates that it may not be entirely to my taste. That is both to their credit and my chagrin. I've often thought that if I was a bit more of pin badge wearing, oxfam shopping, C86 listening, bis loving indie pop dude, and less the kind of chap who puts high on fire really loud on his own in the car, maybe I'd get on better in this world. However a man cannot change his ways after so much time on this beknighted planet. For shame.

So I can report that Manc' two piece the Lovely Eggs are a good time, indie pop, noisy shrieky girl boy riot of enjoyable proportions, but that I am not necessarily ever going to listen to it again! If you dig the Moldy Peaches, but could do with them being more noisy and having sillier songs, then you will undoubtedly dig this band. I listened to it without recourse to the blurb and thought I recognised the girls voice and it turns out that she was in fact the singer in Angelica, who I enjoyed in a cut rate Kenickie way many years ago. They lose points for being a little too cutesie on the first song which rhymes Richard Brautigan with accordion, and to be honest I did listen to Slayer afer the 5 tracks were finished, but I am honest enough to recognise this as mostly my problem. Good work Cherryade, long may your pink hairslides not get lost at the indie disco.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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